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WestJet Brings Christmas Miracle to Baggage Claim


Over the weekend, Canadian airline WestJet released a video detailing an amazing Christmas promotion. Passengers boarding flights at Toronto's Pearson International Airport and Hamilton's John C. Munro International Airport were given the chance to scan their boarding pass at a kiosk and tell Santa what they's like for Christmas.

While the two flights were in the air en route to Calgary, a team of WestJet employees, who had been monitoring what the passengers had told Santa, rushed out to Best Buy and CrossIron Mall to purchase everything the passengers had asked for.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-10-13    
Topic: Guerilla, Social

6 Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Brand [Ultimate Pocket Guide]


This Social Media Pocket Guide (one of the best we've ever seen!) from Spredfast, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, outlines six objectives every brand should have at the core of its social strategy.

The guide helps point companies in the right direction for creating and implementing social media initiatives based on proven success tactics. In this 40-page social media guide, discover:

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-13    
Topic: Research, Social

Top 13 Visual Design Trends For 2014 [Infographic]


Last week, we took a look at what's hot and what's not in terms of design trends for 2014. Today, we're going to take a look at the top visual design trends for 2014. Just like last week's Hot or Not Design Trends piece, iStock queried creatives from around the world so see where design is headed for 2014.

There are 13 visual design trends to look for next year. They have been compiled on an interactive infographic here and we've also listed them below:

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-13    
Topic: Research, Trends and Culture

Two Huge Mistakes to Avoid When Creating A Brand Video


We've watched this video three times and still don't know what we're being sold. We're not quite sure what it is but something must be distracting us from the video's main message.

Apparently, we're not alone. Pretty much every YouTube commenter has no idea what the video's about either.

Attention brands. No disrespect to anyone but be careful who you cast as your spokesperson...and how you dress them. You may not get the results you expected.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-13    
Topic: Racy, Video, Worst

If You Hate Tiny Dogs, Don't Watch This Video


If you share our distaste, dislike and, well, utter hatred of tiny little yippy dogs that bark their annoying little heads off overtime the wind blows and an equal hatred for people who treat these tiny little yippy dogs like they're toys to be dressed up like a Barbie doll, then you might not want to watch this Canine Christmas video, part of Nokia's Holiday Realness campaign.

If you do like tiny little yippy dogs -- and grown women who talk like little girls -- then by all means, watch this video which is filled with all the sicky sweetness you'd expect from a group of people who get together each tear to celebrate their love for their tiny little friends.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-13    
Topic: Video

LG's Tweeting Refrigerator is Back for the Holidays


In September we were introduced to the "world's first tweeting refrigerator from LG. The fridge would tweet a message each time it was opened. Now, a holiday version of the campaign has returned.

M&C Saatchi Stockholm has relaunched the fridge which allows people to tweet a wish to Santa using the hashtag #lgxmasstory. Santa will pick a few wishes and "perform" them through a live-stream camera inside the fridge. You can view a few of the messages here, here and here.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-13    
Topic: Social

5 Tips to Create and Manage Visual Content


Visual content is being used in a variety of ways to communicate. Large amounts of data are being packaged into easily consumable infographics. Videos are being used to tell dynamic stories. Even consumers, knowingly or not, are in on the visual content creation with sharing pictures of their interaction with products and brands. All of this content needs to be managed in order to be shared and used. Get the most out of your visual content with these 5 tips for managing visual content.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-13    
Topic: Tools

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