Why Marketers Need Stock Music (And Where to Find It)


Everyone knows video has taken center stage in digital marketing.

And as more marketers start producing videos, the question becomes less "How do we do this?" or more "How do we do this well enough to stand out?"

Making something memorable -- whether it's a video, a tagline, or a billboard -- is marketing's oldest and most critical mission.

So how do you make a memorable video? The camerawork, lightning, script, and acting are all important.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-18-20    
Topic: Tools

Landing page optimization: Using data, hypotheses & tests for more conversions


Your landing page is there, but the desired success is missing?

Then it is probably time that you take care of the landing page optimization.
But to optimize your landing pages, you first need to measure their performance. This requires defining goals and goal metrics. You can then test changes, for example using A / B tests or multivariate tests.

But to optimize your landing pages, you first need to measure their performance. This requires defining goals and goal metrics. You can then test changes, for example using A / B tests or multivariate tests.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-20    
Topic: Tools

Using Wordpress Plugins To Boost Your SEO in 2020


Seeing as Wordpress powers around 27% of all websites according to W3Techs web technologies survey, I can assume some of you will find this beneficial to help boost your SEO score and gain the rankings and results you would like.

Wordpress is great, it's free and contains more than 50,000 plugins that we can use to help us in communicating our communications with our audience on our website. Wordpress has plugins for almost everything, on-page SEO, don't worry Yoast can take care of that, website loading slow? Don't worry there's a plugin or two that can help. Trying to build a strong email list? Hustle plugin will take you all the way.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-20    
Topic: Tools

How To Optimally Set Up A WordPress Website For SEO Rankings


You may have a vibrant, visually stimulating and feature-rich WordPress website, but if it is not optimized for search engines, it doesn't really have much value. In fact, search engines don't really care about the website design or the high definition, attractive images you have put up. All they care about are quality content, alt tags, keywords, good URL structure, and much more.

Fortunately, WordPress is a hassle-free CMS platform which makes it easy to configure almost all the aspects of your website.

A clear sitemap, relevant keywords and good quality content makes it more likely that Google crawlers will rank your website highly on search engines. Conversely, broken links, duplicate content and non-responsive web design can bring your rankings down.

A robust WordPress setup can make it easy for bots to crawl through your webpages and give your business a boost.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-21-19    
Topic: Tools

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How to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Marketing Automation


In the e-commerce business, one of the comments people often hear is how difficult it is to stay organized as the business grows. Of course, it is a great and beautiful thing to see your business prospering. But if you are not skilled enough to manage it properly, it could end up killing your company instead.

The fact is it can be a real handicap to handle the increasing demands of your customers, the sales processes that are becoming more complex, and all the other necessities to manage growth. It mostly happens when you cannot set your priorities and end up doing the most urgent tasks instead of what's important. Taking shortcuts is simply not the way you handle growth.

There are plenty of options on how to deal with growth. You can hire more people or move to a bigger location. But that would be expensive, especially if you are a new and small business. A more practical solution would be to employ tools and systems to help automate your processes. For instance, there is email marketing automation to ensure your hot prospects will not turn cold.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-19    
Topic: Tools

Why You Need to Consistently Update Your Resume


Writing a fantastic resume is a talent that many of us don't have. At least not under pressure when you are looking to secure your next career move or job position. This is why it is critical to update your resume consistently. This way, when the time arises for you to seek new positions or even promotions, you are prepared and ready to put your best foot forward.

Many career-minded individuals set time aside every month to review the information on their resume and make any updates and adjustments necessary. There are tons of reasons why you should do this; let 's explore a few below.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-17-19    
Topic: Tools

10 Important SEO Trends You Should Know For 2019


If you want your website to rule the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you need to create optimized and relevant content. You may have had difficulty keeping up with changing SEO trends. Check out this top ten list of important SEO 2019 trends that you need to know.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-19    
Topic: Tools

3 Ways to Incorporate Mobile And Social Analytics In Your Ad Campaigns


In today's competitive business environment, most advertising agencies are using data analytics to hone their clients' campaign strategies and to improve their job of targeting, tracking, and engaging customers.

With mobile commerce growing at an annual rate of 42 percent, and with one-third of online shoppers making at least one purchase via smartphone over the last 12 months (and 20 percent via tablet), marketers that ignore mobile analytics are doing themselves a major disservice. The same goes for social, where tracking, measuring, and engaging consumers via sites like Facebook and Twitter is absolutely crucial.

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 3-15    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Social, Tools

12 Steps to Increasing Conversions by 25%


If your goal is more conversions, there are steps you can take right now to make that goal a reality. The good news is, most of these actions don't don't require any investment other than time. Here are 12 tips that can help you achieve as much as 25 percent more conversions.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-15    
Topic: Tools

9 Companies Rocking the Affiliate Marketing World


Online marketers and just about everyone who plays in the space has a reputation for being a leader and an innovator. After all, back in the day, anyone who had anything to do with online marketing had to move mountains, jump through hoops and put forth Herculean effort to convince their decidedly offline bosses that anything .com was even worth talking about.

Much like those early online marketers, affiliate marketers are great innovators, inventors, over-achievers and, well, all around heroes when it comes to developing newer and better ways to sell products online.

Let's take a look at a few innovative companies in the affiliate space who have developed new and unique methods which have improved the online retail shopping experience.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-19-15    
Topic: Tools

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