What is App Store Optimization (ASO) & Why It's Integral To Your App's Success


There are over 5 million apps available for you to download at this moment in time. So needless to say, there's a lot of competition you need to beat out.

Launching an app requires a lot of research and marketing efforts to make sure that there's a demand or need for it in the crowded marketplace. While there are tons of tools and strategies you can use to analyze that, none of them are as important as app store optimization.

Also known as ASO, app store optimization is a process that utilizes targeted keywords to increase an app's visibility within app stores like Apple's App Store and Google Play. Similar to search engine optimization or SEO, ASO targets keyword phrases that people are most likely to use while searching for a similar app within an app store.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-21    
Topic: Tools

5 Ways US Online Casinos Can Boost their Social Media Engagement


In the digital world, social media is king. Social media engagement is important for all online casinos, but it isn't easy. Think of it like a dinner party. Inviting people over is important, but it isn't enough.

You must also entertain and engage with them. Many online casinos can attract followers to their social media platforms, but they fail to engage them. Here are a few ways that online casinos in the United States can improve their social media engagement.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-21    
Topic: Social