Yawn. Game Console Undresses Hot Girl


Well here's more proof that, apparently, hot, nude girls are still seen as viable props to sell video games. Along the lines of the Touch deodorant spot which showed a guy undressing women with simply because he used the deodorant, these boys have a bit of fun once they realize their Juiced game consoles control the girl's clothing.

by Steve Hall    Jun-10-05    
Topic: Viral

Tassimo to Sponsor Martha Stewart Apprentice, Bums Not Welcome

Worthy of Martha Stewart?

While walking to work a few days ago in New York City, one of our informants, while on his way to his favorite coffee shop, Soy Lock Club near Jane and Greenwich, noticed the place had been transformed into something called the Tassimo Bar. After taking a few pictures of the crowd and noting the presence of earpiece-clad production assistants, it became clear this was more than your typical marketing promotion. As it turns out, he was told by one of the less guarded PA's, "This is a segment for the Martha Stewart Apprentice Show." So, it seems, Tassimo will be one of the product placement sponsors for an episode of the show.

As our informant left the "Tassimo Bar," having grabbed his free coffee and macaroon, he noticed a bum walking out with a cup of coffee and snapped a picture capturing the odd juxtaposition of a hipster wannabe promotion with a man that just looking for something to drink. As soon as he took the picture, he was swarmed by a "mob of women with ear pieces," one of which barked, "Sir, I need you to erase that image you just took." It seems the Martha Stewart PA's didn't want their pristine scene tarnished by that of a poor guy just trying to get something to drink. Oh, the horror! The Martha Stewart brand tarnished by a bum. We look forward to the Donald Trump voice over-like disclaimer for this episode which will read, "Despite previous negative publicity, Martha Stewart nor Tassimo harbor any ill will toward the homeless and are pleased to announce the founding of the Martha Stewart/Tassimo homeless coffee fund which will support the caffeine needs of New York's homeless population."

Wallow further in the drama, including images of the PA attempting to block the camera, in this image gallery.

by Steve Hall    Jun-10-05    
Topic: Promotions

Fancy Ads Promote Lame Products

Writing on SFGate, Peter Hartlaub comments on the oddity of George Clooney selling Budweiser beer and those fancy Olive Garden ads that make you feel like your in Tuscany with famous chefs rather than in downtown nowhere with people who'd rather be anywhere than serving you food. Hartlaub's point, which is not new, is that advertising casts a false glow on the item it is selling. It creates fake scenarios and made up realities all in the name of fooling people that life will just be better if you drink a Bud. While we've heard the argument before, it's always refreshing to wallow in the woes of advertising and how far removed it is from reality. And, what's more, how accepted that alternative reality has become.

by Steve Hall    Jun-10-05    

PUMA Supports Bike Messengers With 'Team PUMA'

While the co-opting of graffiti by marketers hasn't gone so well, aside from Lincoln's recent bike messenger faux paux, PUMA appears to understand how to mingle corporate promotion with street cred. PUMA launched Team PUMA, a bike messenger team that supports bike track racing. PUMA, which actively supports the community rather than exploiting it, provides team members with medical insurance and travel expenses for races and has not yet turned it into a corporate logo-thon. It seems subtle enough. Other might disagree. The line get more blurry each day.

by Steve Hall    Jun-10-05    
Topic: Sponsorship

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