David Lee Roth to Replace Howard Stern


There are unconfirmed reports that former Van Halen rocker David Lee Roth will take over for Howard Stern when Stern leaves for Sirius Satellite at the end of this year. The report came from SteppinOutMagazine publisher Chaunce Hayden, a Stern regular who claims "an Infinity source has confirmed the signing."

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    

Mini Drives Up Billboard


Minis don't just appear atop trucks driven around cities for onlookers to ogle, they also appear on billboards in New Zealand.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    
Topic: Outdoor

GAP Picks Michelle Williams As New Spokesmodel


Doing a search on Google, one might conclude the GAP should have chosen Michelle Williams, the Dawson's Creek star instead of Michelle Williams, the Destiny's Child singer for their new spokesmodel. While the GAP has acknowledged its intentions to use several celebs in succession for its ad campaigns, after just a few months of Joss Stone, one might conclude the GAP is suffering a seriously fickle case of ADD.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity

Eurostar Campaign Says 69 Best Price And Position


A Belgium ad campaign for travel site Eurostar is promoting a two-way, $69 ticket. Whether the price or the ad concept came first, you can be sure there were creatives at TBWA/Belgium and Hypervision running around the halls, shouting, "Dude, this is gonna fucking rock! Sixty nine Euros - I got the perfect concept!" The campaign consists of all sort of sexual 69 position imagery in print, outdoor and a viral site.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    
Topic: Campaigns

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Nielsen to Interupt Viewers Every 42 Minutes


We are so glad we work in the advertising industry which, gleefully, keeps us out almost all survey databases and out of Arbitron and Nielsen survey pools. Especially since Nielsen will now be interrupting Nielsen people meter users every 42 minutes, reminding them to register their viewing. Previously, interruptions would occur only when the channel was changed. Isn't advertising a wonderful thing?

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    
Topic: Research, Television

Study: Branded Entertainment Compliments Traditional TV Advertising

A recent study by ABC and OMD of 18-49 viewers of ABC's American Music Awards in November found a 34 percent lift in brand awareness among viewers who were exposed to both traditional ads and branded integration. ABC Senior Manager of Primary Research claims the tow forms advertising work together yielding increased results saying, "This project was demonstrative of the effectiveness of the effectiveness of branding content coupled with traditional TV advertising. The most important thing in terms of integration is that it's seamless and organized in nature, both with the program and the brand identity. Viewers are savvy and the more intrusive, the less effective."

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    
Topic: Research