President Bush Sells Pizza in New Zealand


Photo usage rights aside, President George Bush appears on a billboard which promotes a New Zealand pizza chain called Hell. Likely capitalizing on anti-American feelings, the board reads, "Hell. Too Good For Some Evil Bastards." Once George sees this, it's only a matter of time before a smart bomb finds its way across the globe and through this billboard.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Dog No Longer Man's Best Friend in Opal Viral


Adland points to another funny Opal viral from McCann Erikson and MRM Partners which brings back memories of the Ford EvilTwin and Ford SportKa cat decapitation virals. In this viral, no animal gets decapitated but a cute, fluffy dog does get pushed aside for man's new best friend: the Opal Astra GTC.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-05    
Topic: Viral

Clothing Retailer Uses Sex Education to Sell Clothes


A small Michigan agency, named Hawairish because one of the partners is Hawaiian and the other Irish, has done some interesting work for local clothing retailer, Incognito which speaks to the importance of the now for teens.

Agency partner Ty Hutchinson explains the work thusly, "We know what teens think. One wrong move could end their life as they know it. Whether it be a parental embarrassment, dating the wrong person, being seen on the wrong side of the lunchroom or wearing the wrong fashion. It really was a simple solution for us - agree with them. This is an important time. In fact, every other stage of life sucks. The result is edgy but right for the audience."

The creative was produced as in-store posters and a website will be launched in the near future. A second version of the poster can bee seen here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-05    
Topic: Poster

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