Google Buys A Bit of AOL


Late last Thursday night, Time-Warner reached an agreement with Google whereby the search giant to soon rule the world would pay $1 billion for a five percent stake in AOL. The deal is a blow to, dare we say, old school, Microsoft which had, for a long time, been in talks with AOL regarding a content deal that would have involved Time-Warner's print, television and online properties and Microsoft's search and ad operations. The deal was sealed during the Time Warner Christmas party with Microsoft's execs in one conference room, Google's in another and Time-Warner execs running between the two.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-05    
Topic: Online

Spammers Thanked For Increasing Penis Size


Friend and fellow industry mate Rick Bruner has created the perfect holiday gift for your favorite spammer. In appreciation for all those thought spammers who have dramatically increased the size of man's manhood the world over, Bruner created a T-shirt with the slogan, "$pam made my p3n1s bigger." You can also get the message on teddy bears, dog t-shirts, thongs and lots of other styles.

Be sure to buy one for every spammer that spams you each day. That ought to make Mr. Bruner a very rich man.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-05    
Topic: Specialty

Drunken Santa Needs Help With Packages


While we absolutely can not play this game, we thought there'd be a few of you out there that could. Norfolk-based interactive agency Drew Media has created The Incident before Christmas, an online game where players help a drunk Santa pick up all the packages he's dropped due to his altered state of mind. Perhaps those of you with faster fingers will fare better than we.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-05    
Topic: Agencies

Agency Holiday Card Stays On Message


Here's a beautifully simple holiday card from Connecticut-based agency Adams & Knight. Rather than go the goofy, silly, humorous route (not that that's all bad), the agency chose to highlight what the shop actually does: make advertising.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-05    
Topic: Agencies

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