'Date Movie' Pimps MySpace Profiles


In a perfect tie-in with the movie's likely audience, American Pie wannabe Date Movie is getting comical promotion with Pimp My Profile a site on which visitors can have Tony Cox review one's MySpace profile, receive wise-ass criticism and have Tony give it a makeover worthy of a blinged-out Geocities site complete with a brace-faced Allison Hannigan. Interestingly, it appears you gave have Tony pimp any MySpace users profile simply by entering their MySPace ID. While some of Tony's comments are specific to an individual's profile, it seems, sadly, the end result is the same in all cases. We tried quite a few. We did, however, get a big kick out of the promotion's brazen acknowledgment of the site's tantalizing attraction to stalkers, currently a hot item in the news.

The promotion also provides the usual send to a friends feature as well as downloadable images and stylesheets to pimp your actual MySpace page. Between this promotion and a knock off of the Carl's Jr. Paris Hilton car wash, the movie might just drum up enough interest to nab a nice opening weekend. Deep Focus did the work.

by Steve Hall    Feb-14-06   Click to Comment   
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Deep Focus developed this app. It rules.

Posted by: Ian Schafer on February 15, 2006 12:04 PM