NBC And Goodyear to Launch DVR-Proof Advertising During Olympics


We turn the page, you add an insert. We ban billboards from our state, you fly banners over our beaches. We hang up on your telemarketing, you call back with answer machine message leaving auto-bots. We install an email spam filter, you send spam to weblog comments and trackbacks. We stop reading comment-spammed blogs, you launch spam blogs whose sole purpose is to peddle your crap. We block your pop ups, you fuck with technology to serve them anyway. We stop watching TV to spend more time with online gaming, you plaster our games with advertising. We skip our ads with our DVR, you plaster commercial graphics all over the screen during programming. We become immune to advertising, you launch a hoard of buzz marketers on our ass.

Proliferating this madness or simply launching the inevitable next sorte against the ad-skipping public, Goodyear, in a DVR-proof advertising deal with NBC, will morph its actual blimp into animated versions of the blimp, floating it across the screen during Olympic programming to deliver commercial messaging promoting the company's TripleTred and SilentArmor tire technology. Surely, now, the time is undoubtedly ripe now for an enterprising company to develop a DVR-embedded technology which will swipe anything but actual programming from the screen just as several online ad blocking technologies now do on the web.

While this new advertising endeavor may be met with skepticism and repulsion, advertising, after all, does make the free world go 'round. We may hate it but without it, we'd be looking at a pay per view world with monthly cable TV bills upwards of $500. Oh, excuse me, we have to go. The people from Hooters are here to paint a gigantic pair of Hooters-branded breasts on our driveway so as to reap the benefits of Google Maps.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Opinion, Television, Trends and Culture, Worst     Feb- 8-06  
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Amen, my brothah! Can I get a witnissssssssss!

Posted by: Weave on February 11, 2006 02:42 PM

Amen, my brothah! Can I get a witnissssssssss!

Posted by: Weave on February 11, 2006 02:43 PM

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