Scion Sucks, It's Just A F'ing Box


There's consumer-generated brand love and then there's consumer-generated brand hate. Web hunter Bucky Turco sent us this funny example of the latter in which the Scion is lambasted for it's boxiness and labeled a retarded mini van that plopped out of some fat guy's ass. Give it a watch here. Click Watch This Movie.

by Steve Hall    Feb-22-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Consumer Created, Online   

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wow that was terrible and immature, not even funny or informative.

not to mention they also have the marvelous tC and the pretty cool xA.

Posted by: Jamie "livejamie" Martin [TypeKey Profile Page] on February 22, 2006 11:03 AM

i can't believe i sat here and watched all 20 seconds of that

the opportunity cost of those 20 seconds exceeds the worth of having watched that clip

Posted by: newb on February 22, 2006 2:31 PM

with full disclosure that i like so many other people out there work on scion campaigns...

adrants gets a big 'lick my goatse' for this one. what a lame clip. lame post. did bucky not get advertisments in his mag from scion? is that why he has it out for the brand? never any valid discussion of why... just bitching...

flame on.

Posted by: a35mmlife on March 3, 2006 12:38 PM