McDonalds' McMornings A Let Down


We were optimistic, though we're not sure why, the the McDonald's McMornings might be something special but the first thing we were greeted with was The Excuse Generator 3000, one of those lame, so five years ago, excuse letter generators for people without enough spine to stand up for themselves when their boss asks them why they were late to work. Of course that could all be due to some ingenious use of cookies automatically landing anyone coming to the site after, say, after 9A in a given time zone on that page.

So after being treated like a wimp, we figured we'd check out the rest of the site for something better. Well, we didn't find much. There's thing thing called "gimme the food" that one might think, "hey, it's some sort of cool food fight game," but no. It's just a scrolling list of food items. We then moved on the the McMornings club where you can sign up to receive updates on McDonald's menu items which might be nice if the placed changed their menu more than once a year.

The one sort of positive thing about the site in the commercial which has people getting ready in the morning but never quite actually waking up until they's slithered their way into the nearest McDonald's for a breakfast pick-me-up. In addition to the site, a broader campaign consists of television and radio spots, banner ads, outdoor and point-of-purchase materials in 25 U.S. markets. We're sorry, Moroch. We think you could have done better.

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Looks like they've made some adjustments, there's a "Punch Mornings" game that actually is kind of funny.

Posted by: Shawn on August 31, 2006 1:52 PM