Life And Death of Magazines Discussed


There's an interesting conversation going on in the Adrants forum about the recent death of several magazines and the effect the Internet is having on the magazine industry. Some feel the physical nature of the magazine and the impracticality of the laptop making its way into the bathroom or to the beach will keep magazines alive. Others feel the connected teen has no need for paper nor the patience to way for what can be had instantaneously online. Visit the forum here.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-06    
Topic: Magazine, Trends and Culture

Adrants Has Everything For Ad News Junkies

If your a news junkie and/or and RSS junkie, we've got a couple things for you. You may have notice\d the word AdGasm at the top right of the site. That link leads to a page that contains advertising newsfeeds from sites like Ad Age and Flickr photo streams that focus on advertising. It's a "river of news" style page with over 50 sources that's updated every ten minutes with new items. Rest assured we'll cover all the big stories on the front page here but it you simply can't get your fill and have to read hundreds of advertsing items every day, this page is for you. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of the page as well.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-06    
Topic: Announcements, RSS

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