'Deadwood' Does Poker, True Eschews Bikinis


- Artie Lange's promoting his upcoming movie with a NSFW pinball game which is actually kinda fun.

- Just as marketers are beginning to spread their seed all over MySpace, Thought of A Technocrat analyzes MySpace Bulletins and reminds us it can be a very seedy place indeed.

- HBO is promoting the last season of Deadwood with an online virtual poker saloon and game called Dead Man's Hand.

AdJab calls to our attention the stupidity of some of the latest work from Mike's Hard Lemonade which involves a guy holding a bottle in front of the camera and making it talk. With the word "hard" in the name, there's far better things they could have done than this.

- Once again, IKEA has taken its retail locations directly to people, this time dressing up trains as if they were one's living room.

In a newsflash of epic proportion, Copyranter reports online dating site True has placed an ad on the Internet that, stunningly, does not show a woman wearing a bikini.

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The Ikea thing depicted at advertising for peanuts is old as dirt - I posted those images to prove that Forsman och Bodenfors have been dressing up buses, bus stops and trams for Ikea since at least 1999 here: http://commercial-archive.com/129742.php


Posted by: Åsk on June 15, 2006 01:33 PM

Dammit - the "poker" word in this headline is getting that link blocked. If anyone from here wants to check it out, copy and paste the link.

Posted by: Åsk on June 15, 2006 02:11 PM

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