Layoffs Continue At Tribal DDB


Apparently, there's been a string of layoffs over at Tribal DDB (New York) despite recently winning a Gold Lion for the humorous shaveeverywhere. A tipster tells us, "Last month, they cut a bunch of freelancers and then quietly dumped a few creatives and a project manager. This time the cuts are deeper, including the general manager who's been busy driving the agency into the ground for the past year and a half." Sounds like the last layoff might have been a good one.

by Steve Hall    Jul-30-06    

After Fake Blog, Coke Zero Moves On to YouTube Video


Coke Zero, those zeros behind the fake blog Zero Movement thing are at it again. As if moving down a check list of social media tactics, the company, after checking off "blog," has moved on to video and has uploaded three videos to YouTube in which two hired lawyers/actors supposedly punk random, unsuspecting lawyers by telling them they want to sue Coke Zero because it tastes so much like Coke. Yup. Coke Zero has gone out and created "faux consumer generated content" as one commenter called it in hopes the viral gods will bless their efforts. To be fair, the videos are OK. Though you can instantly tell they are staged, they are amusing even if they have that "we're really trying hard to get into this social media thing so bear with us" feel. There's three videos here, here and here (though we can't get this last one to load.)

by Steve Hall    Jul-30-06    
Topic: Commercials, Consumer Created, Online, Video

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