Madonna Envelopes Roosevelt Hotel For H&M


Still a work in progress, here's an image of the H&M billboard going up on the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. The board is on the southwest corner of Hollywood Boulevard facing the Chinese Theater. The board is promoting the December opening of an H&M store in The Beverly Center.

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-06    
Topic: Outdoor

Ad Blogger Gets Weight Off Chest, Begs For Link


We like emails that come from people like and read "check out the blog of a former eurorscg4d creative director. she rips the gm a pretty big one. the weird thing is that this cd hasn't worked at euro for about 2 years! she has been stewing about the old gm for so long that she included her smackdown in the FIRST entry EVER of this blog. two years after the fact. the blog is at:

We especially like these emails since nowhere on the blog does reveal any of these details making us roll our eyeballs, utter a collective "hmm" and conclude, as we so often do, is non other than said woman promoting her own blog by hoping we'll link to yet? Well, here you go new ad blogger. Link, link, link. Happy? The least you could have done was slap a logo on your blog so we could use it here rather than the completely gratuitous image of some random girl who actually does need to get some weight off her chest.

UPDATE: We're told, in comments said blogger has never heard of Adrants, did not send this email to us and did not ask for a link.

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-06    
Topic: Agencies, Weblogs

Lick Her In Clearwater, Poke Her In Vegas


It seems a Hooters billboard in Clearwater Florida, sent to us by Flickr user id10t, which reads "Liquor in Clearwater, Poker in Vegas" took the innuendo a bit too far for Mayor Frank Hibbard who, a couple weeks ago upon returning from church, didn't think it was the right message to send to those entering Clearwater. He asked the chain to change the board and a new one went up this past Thursday which reads, "Liquor in Clearwater, Casino in Vegas." Apparently, one of the original boards is still up on I-275 in Tampa.

We're interested in what female readers think of the initial headline. Is it harmless wordplay or does it perpetuate the image of women as sexual plaything?

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-06    
Topic: Outdoor

Joe Jaffe Rides to Maine And Back In Adrants' Ear


Since we were so far behind in listening to American Copywriter and Joe Jaffe's Across the Sound, we took the opportunity to catch up on the long drive to Maine this weekend to catch the Annual Lobstermen's Daughters Bait Pocket Stuffing Contest. Tug and John of American Copywriter continue to amuse but since it took soooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch looooooooooooooonger to listen to Joe Jaffe's very looooooooooong Across the Sound, consuming almost the entire round trip, we'll concentrate on that.

more »

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-06    
Topic: Podcast

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Leo Burnett copywriter George Ellis writes us with a dilemma. "This whole thing has created a dilemma for creatives seeking attention, I think. In the past, I've always been somewhat adept at promoting myself as a copywriter. I've used websites, videos, animations and even a satirical newspaper about myself, all with varying degrees of success. But in the wake of this backlash, I figured the only way to guard against being labeled irrelevant was to do something entirely stupid and meaningless--trying to prove nothing whatsoever. So I got my camera and my laptop, and put together these videos. Other than my wife (who shot one of the segments for me), I did all the directing, shooting, starring, editing and 'special effects.': Hmm. Maybe that video isn't so bad after all.

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-06    
Topic: Video

Tom, Dick, Harry Not Invited to 'The L Word'


OK. Well, that was fun. Anyway, long time acquaintance Susannah Breslin sent us these ads for The L Word. Another friend, Ariel Waldman, tells me these ads are nothing special saying, "the copywriting isn't spectacular" to which I said "what copy?" There's words in these ads? We were still on the pictures.

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-06    
Topic: Cable