AdWeek Rips Off Subscriber Who Didn't Subscribe


We'll caveat this whole story first by saying B.L. Ochman realizes she should have noticed the monthly fraudulent charge that's been hitting her credit card each month since January. Ochman saw the $19.95 charge recently and noted is was for a subscription to AdWeek to which she never subscribe Noting the account had never been logged into, AdWeek acknowledges the apparent mistake but would only agree to refunding three of the nine months Ochman was on the subscription list.

Knowing Ms. Ochman well, AdWeek would have done well to simply refund the entire nine months because B.L doesn't just let these things slide. It's not the amount, it's the principle that irks her and, in true Ochman form, she's written a letter to MasterCard calling he charge fraudulent, hunted down VNU CEO Bob Krakoff to send him a copy of the letter, cc'd New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer and notified us right here at Adrants. Not that we carry any weight.

For a measly $179.55, one would think AdWeek could have swept this quietly under the carpet. But nope. On the day after visiting Boston's Hatch Awards, our hangover just won't allow us to concentrate on real news because this stuff is so much easier and so much more fun to write.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-06    
Topic: Bad, Magazine

Adrants Goes to Boston For Hatch Awards


In front of the thousand or so creatively dressed creative community members that attended Boston's 46th Francis W. Hatch Awards last night - hosted by KISS 108's Billy Costa - at the newly renovated Back Bay Events Center, Boston's Arnold took home 89 awards including the evening's Best of Show award. Following Arnold with 42 awards was Hill Holliday. Mullen took home 22, Fort Franklin, 14 and Modernista!, 12. Dunkin Donuts was named Marketer of the Year partially in recognition of its America Runs On Dunkin marketing program.


As with all advertising related events, there was liquor and lots of it. Following a two hour cocktail party, attendees were properly sloshed by the time the awards began and much hooting and hollering could be heard throughout the auditorium as each agency won their respective awards. Particularly busy was Arnold having to applaud for itself 89 times throughout the show. That's them in the picture to the right. Oops. We're told this is the Mullen crew. not Arnold. Sorry.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-15-06    
Topic: Good, Industry Events

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