Deutsch Nabs GM Corporate, Cocaine Drink Questioned


- Adding to project work, Deutsch has reeled in the GM corporate account perhaps requiring Donny to take that Speedo off, spend less time with the Big Idea and actually do some work. Oh wait, does he even go into the office any more?

- MySpace and Facebook aren't the only games in town. There's Piczo, XuQa, Hi5 and many more that are gaining ground. Marketers: leave them alone at least for a little while, OK?

- For his new book about America's rock and roll landmarks, Led Zeppelin Crashed Here, author Chris Epting has out together a "movie trailer" style promotional video up on YouTube.

- HP, yesterday, announced (PDF) the acquisition of computer gaming system maker VoodooPC to boost HP's gaming strategy.

- Thomas Sherman says enough is enough after seeing yet another online hoax campaign, Save Vegas, and thinks the whole genre has run its course.

- The new drink, Cocaine, which, of course, has a MySpace page is under fire for, well, obvious reasons.

- More chatter on the increasing popular topic of Advertising Our Children to Death.

- Copyranter skewers the lame attempts of that "change out name so no one will thik we make cigarettes anymore" company Altria and it's use of trees in a say nothing ad.

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