Online 'Scoop' Game Gets Players Free Ice Cream


Boston interactive marketing agency FUSEideas has created an online game for's promotion of the Brigham's Ice Cream Scoop campaign which offers coupons for free ice cream to those that play the online game. Running from September 12 to 17, the game will also incorporate a "Vote for the Wildcard" flavor which will then be served on the last day of three Scoop promotion. The game itself calls for players to move ice cream cone, Coney, from side to side on the screen and catch as many scoops of ice cream as possible.

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The information is incorrect. The free scoop was available to anyone who visited the site and downloaded a coupon, regardless of whether they played the game or not.

The game was just some added fun for the promotion.

Posted by: Jessica on November 12, 2007 11:10 AM

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