'Fridaay Night Lights' Shows Promise, Heart


Europe loves futbol. America love football. Both games bring out competitive spirit and national patriotism. After viewing NBC's airing of Friday Night Lights, we feel we have to say never before has a TV show done such a wonderful job illustrating the love for and importance of a sport A spin off of the 2004 Billy Bob Thornton movie of the same name based on H.G. Bissinger's book about the Odessa, Texas Permian High Panthers, the show brings to light small town America's love of the sport and the importance it plays in everyday life. While American soccer is alive an well on the fields of suburban America, that sport is unlikely to ever overtake the intensity of and love for good 'ol American football.

While the initial premise of the series is very promising, we do question where the producers intend to go after these high schoolers finish the final year this season's series presents. After all, this series is based on truth and the outcome of the team and its players is known. The question to be asked is what do the producers intend to do: replay history faithfully or take the story in an entirely new direction? The question may be pointless in terms of producing a successful TV show because if the producers display the expertise the displayed with the series premiere, this show could go on for decades.

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