Sprint Brings NFL Mobile Message to People's Feet


For its client Sprint, Organic teamed with Reactrix Media Network, the company that places those six foot by eight foot interactive floor videos in malls, movie theaters and other public spaces, to develop a new game. In the game, anyone passing by the projection can kick teed up footballs in a virtual football stadium while - this is advertising, after all - Sprint branded images and the tagline, "The Power to Make Every Day Sunday. NFL Mobile, only from Sprint" appears. There's even a Sprint branded blimp in the background. The game ends with a message that urges people to visit the Sprint retailer nearby for more information about NFL Mobile.

Sprint's been using Reactrix for other promotions since August and various other promotions will continue through February 2007. Anyone who's visited a mall lately knows these things definitely attract attention. There are always people around them jumping on them and interacting with them. As long as marketers keep it fun and don't lather on too much overt marketing, we think this medium is engaging and will help companies reach audiences who are increasingly not consuming advertising on TV and other old-school media. Here's a video of the game in action.

by Steve Hall    Oct-28-06   Click to Comment   
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