Target Offers Personalized, Customized, Localized Weekly Ad

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To make it even easier to merch you, Target provides an option to receive a Weekly Ad via e-mail. If it were any easier they'd buy the products themselves, wrap them up and send over a pair of cute chicks in red uniforms and a gigantic Target truck to deliver them to you along with beer and hell, why not, maybe even a cheese calendar. But of course you have to do the buying, otherwise all Target's efforts are moot.

Target actually makes decent ads and the products exhibited are generally marked-down items in your area. Maybe the future of advertising really does lie in ads on-demand, just like that zany idea TiVo had awhile ago. Then again, we don't know of anyone else who entered a zip code for a Weekly Ad besides us, and as any focus group telemarketer will tell you, we don't really count as consumers. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

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Old news, Menards has been doing this for several years. I get enough junk and 99% of time I never read them.

Posted by: Roy on October 2, 2006 12:42 PM

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