No Super Bowl For P&G, Vista Attacks, Maytag Man Found


- P&G and Unilever has decided to sit out this year's Super Bowl advertising extravaganza and will, instead, allocate dollars to other efforts they feel will provide a better ROI.

- Rather than believing its new operating system is good enough to seel itself, Microsoft is serving up a $500 million worldwide waterfall of advertising.

- A "viral" print ad? Yawn. Snooze. Huh? WTF?

- George is right. The five finalists in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl are quite good. Our money is one Duct Tape of Mouse Trap.

- George also thinks he has the perfect replacement for the Maytag Man. He thinks it's Elmo Blatch (real name: Bill Bolanfder), the guy who killed the Tim Robbin's character's wife.

- Everything you ever wanted to know about this year's Super Bowl ad all in one place.

- This TBWA\Chiat\Day LA-created spot for Sony Play Station 2 is weird. Very weird. And we're just going to leave it at that.

- Though we're not sure any exist, those that choose not to watch the Super Bowl this weekend can tune into Animal Planet and watch the Petfinder-sponsored Puppy Bowl III (there were two before this one?).

- Cynopsis reports, "Nielsen Media Research will now include the viewing habits of college students living away from home in its National People Meter. This is the first time Nielsen has included Extended Home viewing in the ratings by members of a sample household living outside the home."

- Priceline, Travelocity and Cingular have been fined by the New York State Attorney General's Office for their apparent use of Adware, specifically in partnership with Direct Revenue.

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Puppy Bowl II was excellent. And the Kitty Half Time Show? Icing on the cake. Hope PBIII has better music than PBII, but when the choice is between football and puppies..? I'm buying a wheelbarrow full of tacos and tuning in to Animal Planet on Sunday.

Posted by: closethipster [TypeKey Profile Page] on January 30, 2007 12:18 PM