Adrants Ponders Over Mystery of Dov Charney


For Dov Charney, who's bowing out of American Apparel in pursuit of his own manifest destiny, the office can be a source of both business and pleasure.

Really, Dov Charney is awesome. Short of being a lumberjack, he is a king among men. Dov Charney:

* Masturbates in front of reporters
* Sleeps with colleagues (thanks, Jewlicious)
* Pushes American Apparel's squeaky clean clothes with skanky adverts
* Still manages to position American Apparel as an ethical business model that pays good strong wages and poses no harm to overseas workers

While Julie Roehm fights for footstools over in Pariah-ville, she must at least be shaking her fist at what Dov manages to get away with over the scale of his career, also behind the guise of a similarly apple pie all-American style company.

Granted, American Apparel ain't all sex, and it isn't the first low-key prep brand to use R-rated tactics to pull in a fickle demo. But are we looking at a double standard? And if so, is America just too uptight about this sex stuff?

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (0)     File: Brands, Social, Strange, Trends and Culture     Feb-22-07  
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