Bye Says Hands Make Good Headgear


Bye Helmets is running a print series under the tagline "Change your head." After staring for a very long time, we shook off the impending agoraphobia and concluded they're trying to say their helmets lend the same kind of protection you perceive you're getting when you reflexively throw your hands around your head before an impact.

Later in life a pessimistic teacher told us that strategy doesn't actually work when there's shit falling on you, so the best thing to do is crawl under a doorway or desk. But maybe lots of hands offset the risk. It would be hard to wrap doorways or desks around our heads.

Work by 1861 United, Milan. Clearly the Milanese are more playful with bodies than we are.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-16-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Magazine, Poster   

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After seeing the news reports showing Britney Spears bald this morning maybe this headgear would help her looks.

Posted by: roy on February 17, 2007 10:02 AM