Car Crash Caught in Reverse For Danish Road Safety Council


AdPunch points us to a commercial for the Danish Road Safety Council from last year which replays backwards what seems to be a real accident. Everything from the flying glass, exploding airbag and facial expressions are caught as the women in the accident narrates the commercial wishing she'd driven a bit slower, could turn back time and apologizes to the apparent death of a young couple she caused. Powerful stuff.

There's an even more shocking version of the campaign here (on DailyMotion which is like the world's slowest video site, unfortunately) in which a man hits a boy on a bike and he ends up going through the windshield. The campaign was created by Locomotion in Denmark. We'd love to know how this campaign was shot and if, in fact, these are actual accidents shot backwards.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-07   Click to Comment   
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Hi Steve
Thanks for you comments on this project, I was the lineproducer on this job. We shot it in about a week from big shooting days with real car crash, where a car crash into a another car with 75 km a hour, to small second unit days where we were just shooting plates of car windos being smashed on a primitive outdoor self build green screen studios. Anyway it all shot in forward motion and we have used speciel high speed cameras we found around europe. Normally high speed cameras are expensive cause they have to come specially from the UK or Germany with a technician and can only take 35mm and large 300 meter roles. We shot this on 16mm and with cameras that at 600 frames per second had 8 seconds of effective filming on each role. So I promise you our stunt guy had to be accurate, when he activated the cameras in the car in the crash scene. Both films where shot a little bit in the dark cause shooting at that speed we did not have video assist, but it all came out good and then we did a lot of post and utting plates together. The shot from inside the car crashing into the other car is made up of around 20 different plates. We are really happy and produc with the spot and the director, Fredrik Callinggard, under directors) has since then done a lot of other great spots involving a lot of post production work. We are putting finishing touches to new spot we shot in Uruguay before Christmas, that is going to be really amazing as well, can not say more untill it will be released on our website within the next month. One last thing a funny little thing came out of this. Guy Richie, Madonnas husband, did a copycat on our boy on bike spot, if you want I can sent you the film, som you can see.
Well thanks again for showing a interest in our spots
All the best
Mads N Marstrand, Lineproducer, Locomotion

Posted by: Mads Nørfelt Marstrand on February 24, 2007 4:32 AM