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If you are involved in email marketing as a brand, as an agency on behalf of a brand, as a list owner or as a provider, you have certainly hit your head against the wall trying to process all the myriad details that go along with the practice; CanSpam issues, deliverability, response rates, affiliate relationships, effect of Subject line, proper frequency, spam filters, competitive activity, offer effectiveness and email design to name a few. A company we've been following for some time but have never written about is Email data Source, a company that answers all these questions. Each time we see a demo, we are amazed at what this thing can do.

The company's product, Email Analyst, has a database of 1.8 million email marketing messages from 18,000 advertisers sent from 6,000 senders. The database was created by subscribing to a multitude of email newsletters, receiving them all, categorizing them, analyzing them and drawing conclusions from them. Agencies can see what their client's competitors are sending and how those messages performed. Direct marketers can get all the nuts and bolts they need on deliverability issues and effective message creation. List Owners can peek into the list purchase activities and trends of marketers to improve their offerings. Email Service Providers can use the product to refine their own product offerings.

Email marketing is far more difficult to execute properly than many other forms of marketing but can be far more efficient and effective because of its data-driven nature. Unlike, say, the creation of a Super Bowl commercial, gut feeling doesn't cut in email marketing. Email Data Source leaves nothing to the gut and will transform your email efforts from "below the line" to the forefront of your marketing operation.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 7-07   Click to Comment   
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