Dump Your Smary Business Partner With IHateMyPartner.com


Who knew there were companies created specifically to assist you if you find yourself in a position of irreconcilable differences with your business partner and the shotgun clause gets invoked? Well, thanks to Dentsu Canada, we know know of at least one: Argosy's Shotgun Fund. Since our friend over at Dentsu did such an eloquent job describing the work to us, we're going to let him do for you here.

Dentsu's Glen Hunt tells us, "OK. So you're a creative partner in a business, say, an Ad Agency. You've got a partner, say, a suit. He thinks it might be a good idea to churn out crap for your biggest paying client and resign all the other businesses that landed you a Clio, 2 lions and a couple of pencils last year. What to do? Invoke the Shotgun Clause in your partnership agreement, buy that smarmy prick out and send him back to his Mom and Dad where he developed small man syndrome in the first place.

How to get the funds? That's where the Argosy Partners and their shotgun fund come in. How do you find out about this fund? You see these viral ads for ihatemypartner.com which arrive on your computer on valentines day of all days, You grab your morning paper and a yellow sticky note has a heart with "I Hate You" written in it courtesy of ihatemypartner.com, you head out for lunch and see a guy selling dead flowers with an ihatemypartner.com shirt on, you are accosted by an attractive girl with nasty valentines card to give to smarm-suit and finally you go to the bathroom in your lunch-time haunt and the urinal matt is suggesting that you place your partners face in the center and take aim."

See the videos here, here and here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-07   Click to Comment   
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