Scion Wants Us All 2 B Square Really, Really Badly


For their ongoing Want 2 B Square campaign (whose Boy Meets Girl video we're still fawning over), Scion throws out the last of its six worlds, The Beat. It's music-themed and contains a Dance Dance Revolution-type game, which we like but are ashamed of liking.

We've grown fond of Want 2 B Square and are even starting to think the xB's aren't bad on the eyes. But sentimentality aside, Scion has done a good job of using alternative forms of marketing and subculture inclusions to push the weird customizable vehicle. Which is more than what we can say for some.

Speaking of alternative forms of marketing, some new Wild Postings - promotional guerilla work, street swag and such - are appearing in major cities nationwide to promote the crap out of the square campaign. It's all very Obey Giant but more cartoony - we'd rather see the racy imagery and weird animation from the better elements of the website (bringing us back to Boy Meets Girl or that slaughtering thing) instead of these stylized Brave Little Toasters on crack. Le yawn.

Finally, to fully leverage the visually eerie site, what better than an art show? It's hitting NYC and LA in the near - very near - future.

We were often told in high school that being a square pays dividends later in life. Scion is really milking the dickens out of that promise.

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While global creative and brand-engineering agency ATTIK can't take credit for everything Scion does, the entire want2Bsquare campaign is their baby. Glad you're (mostly) enjoying it, and on behalf of everyone at ATTIK in Leeds, New York, San Fran and LA, thank you very much for the Adrants love.

Best! -- Roger D.

Posted by: Roger Darnell on April 5, 2007 04:19 PM

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