Big Brands Support Naked Breasts...Depending on Context


In what could be labeled either a twist-the-story rant or an insightful examination of the double standard brands may or may not apply when they associate themselves - or choose not to - with nudity. Drunken Stepfather's Jesus Martinez is miffed marketers won't advertise on his site because he occasionally features nude images but they will advertise on Jane's Get It Together blog where, recently, fully nude images of woman's breasts have been proudly displayed alongside national advertisers such as Thermasilk, Oakley and Dove.

Should the morality police be called for this serious transgression of double standards or should we all relax because, in this case, context is everything. Drunken Stepfather, an endlessly amusing site focusing on celebrity news, features somewhat racy imagery and occasional nudity. Jane's Get it Together blog features reader-submitted nude pictures highlighting breasts as part of the magazine's Guide to Breast Health. Again, context. Breasts as arousing sex object versus breasts as body part in need of care just like any other body part.

However, Jane asks readers to "submit your own pix and tell us why you love them" in what could be construed as a salacious attempt at increasing readership. While breast health might be the focus, many reader comments have nothing to do with breast health. A sampling gives us, "They may not be large but they make me feel sexy," "When I was younger I hated them because I was bigger than all of my friends, but now I have great cleavage that they don't, "I absolutely love my tiny tits. I love having the option of going without a bra on a terribly hot day and not having to worry about giving people a milkshake show," "I can bounce them to the tune of Mario Brothers with help from my bra's underwire," "my nipples could poke out an eye" and "I look very nice in a low cut shirt. Sometimes they have a mind of their own and want to be seen."

To be fair, these comments are interspersed with stories about mastectomies, breast reductions, breast examinations, bra fitting and other non-sexual breast-related topics. So you decide. Twist-the-story rant or insightful examination of the double standard brands may apply? Oh, and men have just as many issues with their penises as women do with their breasts. Should sister book GQ launch a "submit your penis" site?

by Steve Hall    May- 9-07   Click to Comment   
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An insightful commentary not only on women's breasts but on the Jane article that features them.

Posted by: Dr. P. Rapoport on May 9, 2007 1:26 PM

You once ran a story about my blog which is about nude recreation and nudist resorts and the Bluefly advertising campaign.

If you look at the history of Jane magazine, they have always written positive articles about nudity, health, vacationing at nudist resorts, women's issues, etc.

With the advertising and Hollywood industries trying to convince women they will never get (or keep) a man unless they use advertised make up, dress with advertised clothes, have a size 0 dress size, etc. it is no wonder most women are unhappy with their bodies.

Jane Magazine is a breath of fresh air of the women's magazines. They try to let women know that they are "normal" and should be happy with themselves.

Posted by: Tom Mulhall on May 9, 2007 2:51 PM