Kevin Canned, Facebook Updated, Miller Lovemarked, Feedburner Googled


- It is said NBC will, today, confirm the firing of Network Entertainment President Kevin Reilly. He will be replaced by William Morris Exec Ben Silverman.

- Facebook is getting in bed with marketers with a new release that lets software developers create branded applications which will integrate with the site.

- Miller Brewing is heading over to Saatchi & Saatchi for some Lovemarks goodness.

- All your feeds are belong to us.

- Julie Roehm goes after Wal-mart...again.

- Back in September 2006, Burger King New Zealand launched a campaign featuring bikini-clad BK Girls. Now, the Girls have been booted from the campaign because they run afoul of a law that states the use of sex appeal purely to attract attention to the product in forbidden.

- Jay Jacobs, creator of MyPetFat has been losing weight for years, blogging about it and is now featured in the New York Times about selling male-friendly book covers for weight loss book.

- The History Channel has posted tear off Star Wars wild postings you can rip off and take with you.

by Steve Hall    May-29-07   Click to Comment   
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