Double Standard Alive And Well With Les Shoppeneboys


Wouldn't it be nice if, when you walked in to Victoria's Secret (as a guy) and hot, lingerie-clad models where there to help you choose the perfect thing and cleavage-revealing bra for the women in your life? Of course, that's never going to happen because some cause group would get all pissy accusing Victoria's Secret of treating women like sex objects. Oh, and the fact shopping would be the last thing a man would be thinking about in a situation like that.

But, it's perfectly OK for (sort of) hot looking men to dress up in red boxers to help women shop for the man in their life as French clothing store Celio does. No double standard here, right? Oh wait, their French. They have an entirely different set of rules when it comes to the perfectly normal attraction each sex has for the other. In fact, rather than hiding, they celebrate it.

Anyway, the red boxer-clad men are referred to as Shoppenboysand they now have their own website which will follow the travails of eager French men as the audition to become one of 12 Shoppenboys to grace a Celio-branded calendar. It's all in French but when does language matter when it comes to oggling the human form? And yes, there's a MySpace page.

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Ever heard of proof-reading? There are two errors in this short article.

Relying on Spell-check is not wise for anyone in the web business, but particularly for a company that works in communications/media.

I like your daily Rants but poor spelling erodes one's credibility.

Posted by: Shelley Gold on June 22, 2007 6:56 PM