Smirnoff's Multifaceted Purity Message Makes Powerful Statements


With not so subtle environmental and political commentary, this new JWT London-created commercial for Smirnoff - sent to us by Adrants reader Scamp - just blows away any recent liquor ad - or any ad, for that matter - we've seen in a long time. With amazing special effects and bone-chilling Soviet-style music, the sea rebels against man's carelessness and penchant for war mongering by eradicating itself of human byproduct to illustrate Smirnoff's "extraordinary purification" and deliver its "Clearly Smirnoff" tagline.

While this spot may certainly make us feel cool again for drinking Smirnoff, there's two oddities we need to point out. First, if the sea is upchucking all of mankind's crap and tossing it on terra firma, one assumes the land might get a bit pissed off and toss it all back. Perhaps Poland Spring or some other land-based, purity-focused company can pick up where this spot left off. Second, and speaking of the ocean, we certainly hope Smirnoff isn't made with salt water as is indicated in this commercial.

Maybe that's nitpicking a beautiful concept but we can't help ourselves. Besides, if all we wrote was glowingly positive articles here, would any of you read us?

To be clear, we love the spot. It's great work. JWT London and Smirnoff should be proud. If you are or know the production company behind this work, please let us know. We'd like to give a nod to them as well.

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