Kanye West Leaps onto the McFly 2015 Project with 'Graduation'


Hot off his last eye-popper, Kanye's making yet another political statement with the art on his third album, Graduation.

Created by Murakami (best known for his cavity-sweet Louis Vuitton line), the cover features Kanye's mascot flying fast in a pair of legendary McFlys. For a pair of shoes that never actually existed in the mainstream, the McFlys are making a runaway comeback like nobody's business - activists and all.

A glance over the comments section of Rumors Daily betrays mixed feelings about the album art. Generally speaking, we love Kanye and the McFlys. But others, like Malik, call this a "horrible drawing" that makes the beloved shoes look like "some K Swiss shit."

Not to hate on Murakami or Kanye, but they kind of do.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (1)     File: Campaigns, Cause, Celebrity, Good, Trends and Culture     Aug-21-07  
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Hey Angela,

I apologize if this is posted twice... I am curious, why do you believe those are McFlys on the album cover? Do you have some inside info?

Kanye is a big fan of Dior sneakers, and can often be seen sporting Dior high tops. I am guessing that the album art portrays a pair of Dior high-tops. The best I could find was the gold version shown here:


Nice to see some sneaker refernces on Ad Rants!

Posted by: Robby Wells on August 28, 2007 03:17 PM

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