Vogue Live Blogged, Apple YouTubed, MySpace Facebooked


- Glossed Over live blogs the reading of Vogue's 840 page September issue.

- Apple catches wrath from popular YouTubers misfortune with the company's bad customer service.

- Christina Ricci is the new face of Samsonite's Fashionaire accessory line.

- This is how they sell Volvos in Korea.

- Yup. MySpace is over. Now, it's all about creating Facebook applications as Hyper Happen and W3Haus just did to promote the movie Knocked Up in the UK.

- Darren Stevens is dead. Oh wait, he was never alive. Oh wait, it's a new blog to promote a new marketing book. Oh wait, and even another YouTube book video.

- OMG! It's another book! But this one's not about marketing. It's about ghosts, monsters and UFOs. But it counts because a former creative director wrote and took the photos.

- For an upcoming Advertising Week exhibition entitled "The Next 20," kirshenbaum bond+partners wants us all to answer one question: How do you expect brands to communicate with you in the next 20 years? Send your answers to Thenext20@kb.com.

- PETA's got a new Kentucky Fried Cruelty game called Super Chick Sisters. Players have to rescue Pamela Anderson from KFC's Colonel Sanders who's kidnapped her for telling the world KFC is cruel to chickens.

by Steve Hall    Aug-21-07   Click to Comment   
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