Big Boobed Cheerleader Teases New Movie On YouTube


Oh we love how some marketers know exactly how to attract attention on YouTube. To promote the new Fox movie The Comebacks, which aims to do for sports movies what the Scary Movie franchise did for horror flicks, videos of a very pretty, double-entendre spewing, huge breasted hottie in a low cut cheerleader's uniform spouting valley speak are making the rounds.

In the videos, cheerleader Amy, who is the proud owner of magnetically eye catching cleavage, sits in the locker room and in the coaches office of the team telling us things like how hot the players are and how quarterback Lance, who stared at her during cheer practice, is "way hotter than Trotter." All while stroking (jacking off?) a baseball bat she's placed between her legs as she mentally imagines it's the real thing.

While Amy looks great sitting in the locker room polishing football helmets as her gigantic breasts spill out of her top and uttering valley speak like, "they are sooo cute," she, unfortunately will likely not be in the movie. Movie makers have some sort of twisted aversion to big breasted women using them only as eye candy in background shots and the first person to be killed in a horror movie. It's discrimination, we say!

We sent Amy a message on YouTube requesting an interview. Unfortunately, our request goes unanswered. See more of Amy and her mesmerizing cleavage here.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Good, Online, Racy, Social, Video     Sep-19-07  
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Wow, that girl has seriously large boobs for such a young'un.

Posted by: Susan on September 19, 2007 02:59 PM

woe, i know sex sells and all, but they had a great opportunity to do something here that was actually funny too. very lazy writing.

Posted by: t on September 19, 2007 03:01 PM

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