Yahoo Inhales Lithium, Business 2.0 Dies, Brothels Advertise


- Yahoo grabs ad network BlueLithium for a $300 million.

- It outlasted every other dot com magazine but Business 2.0 has finally succumbed to the tightening economics of magazine publishing and will cease to publish on its own, becoming part of Fortune.

- Make sure your Facebook profile doesn't include any salaciously incriminating information. The site has just made profiles publicly searchable.

- JupiterResearch reports just 15 percent of viral campaigns achieved success in the last year. Good. Maybe we'll see a lot less crap from marketers now.

- Cramer-Krasselt has pulled in the $40 million Porsche account. Maybe that'll help make up for the agency's loss of the CareerBuilder account.

- In Nevada, owners of legal brothels can now advertise in counties even where the business is illegal.

- Site monitoring service Pingdom offers free service to Firefox users. 23 percent take them up on offer.

- Donny Deutch's boy, Deutsch LA ECD Eric Hirshberg, is on MSNBC's Dan Abrams show. Who? Huh? Exactly.

- See the "stupidest ad" from "fucking morons" courtesy of Copyranter.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-07   Click to Comment   
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