Creative Poaches, Coulter Obama'd, Cleavage Examined, Faces Pumpkin'd


- Yawn. Another creative sets up shop and poaches creatives from his former shop.

- Anne Coulter gets Obama Girl treatment.

- We have no idea what this skeleton sitting in a chair in London is for but since it was sent to us by a marketer, no doubt it's some stunt we'll soon be hearing more about.

- Donny Deutsch talks about cleavage in the workplace on the Today Show. He mocks the puritanical view of it. He's our new friend.

- If you've got a webcam and you like to fool around with pumpkins, this Indusblue-created Halloween time waster is for you.

- For a sneak peek inside the seedier side of internet advertising, check out this article and resulting comments over at SEO Ninjas in which a doofus from Claoking System defends his cheesy business model.

- The Conference Board and TNS found close to 16 percent of American households who use the internet watch television broadcasts online. The number of consumers viewing entire episodes/shows on the internet has doubled from a year ago.

by Steve Hall    Oct-30-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Games, Spoofs, Video   

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The Pumpkin Halloween greeting card is pretty cool.

But this one is much cooler. You can add a personal audio message and you don't even need a webcam!

Happy Halloween!


Posted by: Ben on October 30, 2007 4:11 PM