Wendy's Hot Juicy Burgers Go Social


It might be because we're a sucker for anything with Jerry Bruckheimer-like theme music but we do think this new Saatchi & Saatchi created online promotion for Wendy's is pretty cool. It's a call to arms of sorts but not the military kind. Wendy's believes everyone should be entitled to a fresh, hot, juicy burger and not some frozen crap. And it's crafted a site to spread the gospel.

Those who join the cause can spread the word social networking-style by emailing friends and posting the character they create on the Wendy's site to one of their social networking sites. Points can be earned by spreading the word and by using the site continuously. It's pretty simple and a nice use of viral and social networking tactics.

So, join forces with the red pigtailed dude and spread this thing all over the place so we can finally stop pointing back to Subservient Chicken as the touch point for all things viral. Oh, and the more you spread it, the more points you get. The more points you get, the bigger prizes you get with the grand prize being Wendy's burgers for life. If we win (which is highly unlikely), we're asking Wendy's to send our prizes to starving people in Africa. Not that Wendy's is the healthiest food around but it's probably better than what's available in many African countries. Even the little things count or so we are told.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 1-07   Click to Comment   
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Hey Steve, I thought you were all about tearing marketing sites apart! This Wendy's thing better be good...

Posted by: carnivore on October 1, 2007 1:00 PM

Seems like whenever an agency can;t really think of a good opnline idea they throw out "hey we'll let people create an avatar and send it to other people!' Bleh.

Posted by: oatsoda on October 1, 2007 7:31 PM

I dunno oats, me thinks this one is actually kinda fun.

Posted by: optimus on October 1, 2007 9:59 PM