Indian Agency Wants Testicles, Not Boobs. We'll Take the Boobs


In a recruitment ad, India agency Concept Communication wants your testicles. Yes, that's what they want. In fact, the headline of a recent recruitment ad reads, "Testicles Wanted." After that not so subtle reduction of potential employees to nothing more than a body part, the copy goes on to empathize with advertising professionals who are apparently sick of being called names such as "postman" (must be an Indian thing) and "person without balls." Somehow it's still perfectly OK for the agency to recruit a sack of bloated balls instead of an actual person.

Even more interesting is the section of the copy which reads, "Okay, now here's your chance to prove that you are the ballsiest man in advertising." Unless there's another version of the ad out there with the headline, "Boobs Wanted," we're guessing this is just the way things are in India, a country not yet polluted with political correctness. Whether that's good or bad is fodder for a separate debate.

But we are quite sure we won't see American agencies recruiting with headlines like, "Big Balls Wanted" or "Show Us Your Tits."


OK, OK..."Testicles Wanted" is funny. We admit that. Forget all that Americanized liberal bullshit we just wrote above. Wouldn't it be fun to write the recruitment headline, "Hot Sexy Bootylicious Interns With Pleated Plaid Mini-Skirts Wanted: Only DD Cup Or Larger Need Apply?"

by Steve Hall    Nov-15-07   Click to Comment   
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You seem to be unable to digest the fact that this ad originated in India.

And, your take on the Ad is quite sick to say the the least.


Posted by: Prakash on May 22, 2008 8:22 AM the first sentence of the piece, I state it's from India. As to my take, well, everyone has an opinion.

Posted by: Steve Hall on May 22, 2008 9:33 AM

I notice that they also sell fake plastic bovine testicles with a "controversial and How long will it take before they sell them with a Jesus fish on them? Not fair. You've linked to something that my agency's filter's won't let me see. Try selling a product like this that is of a pair of boobs

loving seem
Recruitment Agency

Posted by: loving seem on July 23, 2009 10:31 PM