LG's 'Life's Good' Selects 20 Would-Be Ad-Making Finalists


The LG Life's Good UGC contest is coming to a close and out of almost 920 entries in toto, prime meat has been whittled to 20.

Each won a Chocolate phone, or a portable DVD player if they happen to be living in Canada. A winner among them hasn't yet been chosen by viewers.

Loath to humor suggestions that UGC doesn't always cash in like you hope (ask Nalts if you don't believe us), the good folk behind the contest have furnished us with stats as follows (verbatim):

- 288,000 channel views (compared to 142,000 channel views for the recent Samsung YouTube contest)

- 871 subscribers (compared to 756 for Samsung)

- 915 submissions (no data for Samsung)

- The best number of all: 827,000 video views (no data for Samsung)

We mentioned before that the entries needed some 11th-hour sparkle but a few finalists did stand out (1, 2). We liked this one best, probably because we hold a special place in our hearts for people who scribble on walls.

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