Stanley Works Wants You to F#@k Things Up


Without really saying it because, after all, what marketer really can in their ad campaigns, Stanley Works is telling us to fuck things up or, more precisely, to fuck things up beyond all repair using its Stanley Fubar site. So if you want to get your aggression out smashing toilets, sinks, pianos, armoires and even a bunny (well, not really) with the strangest tool you've ever seen, Stanley provides you those items and a burly construction crew to aid you with your destructive tendencies.

On the site you can check out the tool and view the TV spot in which manly men get their rocks off by destroying a shed. We almost expected to see some hot construction babe show up dressed in a mini skirt, heels, a construction vest and a helmet to alluringly coo, "Now boys, save some of that energy for me." But no, Mullen decided not to turn these tough guys into helpless, drooling idiots akin to guys in beer babe ads. And that is a very good thing. Men acting like men without need for the emasculation so common in much of today's advertising.

by Steve Hall    Nov-15-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Creative Commentary, Games, Good, Online   

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