Santa Rocks, NBA Joosts, Banner Tickets, IT Socializes, Bzz Ups


- This is just weird. A little Trans Siberian Orchestra. A little Santa Claus playing guitar. And a beard that won't stay on.

- The NBA has announced it will broadcast replays of memorable games on Joost.

- Working Tailgate Technologies, Paramount Vantage has launched a banner campaign for The Kite Runner which allows people to go through the entire ticket purchase process inside the banner. Check out one of the banners here.

- Rubicon Project CEO Frank Addante explains why Silicon Valley isn't the only place where dot com business occurs and why LA is carries just as much weight.

- Who knew? ITtoolbox and PJA Advertising + Marketing just released a study that, gasp, found IT decision makers "place significant trust in user-generated content as an information source when researching purchasing decisions."

- John Malkovich is the star of 36 new short films for Sony VIAO.

- BzzAgent is pleased to announce the 119 word of mouth campiagns it handled in 2007 reached 34 million consumers, up from last year's 10.5 million.

Today Radar announced P.J Lucus will take on the role of associate publisher. Is this thing still publishing? How many times does it have to be brought back to life before it's given a proper burial?

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-07   Click to Comment   
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Joost is lame. I predict it dies a slow death. I can find better content at 3 am on network tv.

Posted by: Anonymous on December 17, 2007 9:27 PM