Hair Club and Playboy Frolic Together With Before/After Game


When the vanity that is Hair Club for Men Hooks up with the vanity that is Playboy, it's clear we've entered a new chapter in the book of cultural vanity. When otherwise perfectly good looking but folically challenged men are paired with perfectly airbrushed (oh wait. that's so 70's. Photoshopped) Playboy Playmates, well, you have an online game, of course. Yes, really. After all, it's likely the only time you'll see a balding guy with a hot chic.

The game, Photo Hunt was created by Cowboy, an agency George Parker recently riffed asking, "Cowboy!!! Fucking Cowboy!!! They have to be kidding, right?"

Photo Hunt, in perfect alignment with the age old before/after advertising tactic, tests your visual skills asking you to spot six differences in two photos. The first couple differences, such as the fact the guy has no hair in one picture and the hairless guy has no girl next to him, are easy to spot. Others, such as a wrinkle in the bed sheet or a slightly different wall texture are a bit more difficult to spot.

Of course the site is complete with the required pre-orgasmic moaning woman sound effect, mini Playmate profiles all of which focus on hair, cheesy testimonial videos, wallpapers and the ubiquitous send to a friend feature. Al in all, it's sort of fun to play with. Maybe Cowboy actually will come up with something decent for AdWeek.

by Steve Hall    Jan-10-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Creative Commentary, Games, Good, Online, Racy   

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I'm as skeptical of cowboy as the next, but the concept is spot on for the Hair Club market. Functionality is solid, too.

Posted by: HT on January 10, 2008 12:41 PM