Mac Lovers Get Their Own Movie


You can react to this MacHeads movie trailer (yes, it is reportedly going to be a real movie) two ways. The first would be, "Oh for fuck's sake! Shut the hell up you lemming-like, religious freaks! It's just a fucking computer!" Or, you could stash away your negativity, open your mind and say, "OK, yea, it is just a computer but look what it has done to form an amazingly creative community that does and creates things that could never be done or created before."

The trailer for MacHeads features everyone you'd expect from Guy Kawasaki who says Mac users changed the world to some hippie lady who talks about how a Mac got her through a funeral to Violet Blue to adamantly states she'd never, ever knowingly sleep with a Windows user.

In the trailer Steve Jobs is described as "a power trip" and "the Walt Disney of technology." It appears the movie will try to recapture the early spirit of Mac lovers, build a bigger community and head off any chance Apple might become "a Microsoft-like company." Glass of Koolaid, anyone?

by Steve Hall    Jan-23-08   Click to Comment   
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See how easy it is for anyone to become a rebel. All you need is money to buy a Mac product.

Posted by: Scott P on January 23, 2008 4:53 PM