Marines, the True American Idols Debut on 'American Idol' Wednesday


During the Wednesday night episode of American Idol, The United States Marine Corps will debut a commercial called America's Marines which supports the Our Marines website that tells the stories of current and former Marines and why they serve. The site also contains documentaries of the public's interaction with the Marines during the filming of the commercial and during other encounters. It's the website, more than the commercial itself, that offers a deeper look into the life of a Marine as well as America's appreciation for them even if they don't agree with the politics behind their deployment.

Created by JWT Atlanta and RMG:Connect, the commercial and the site, respectively, were the result of a cross country trip whereby JWT and RMG:Connect traveled the country in search of interesting Marine stories to tell. A teaser version of the commercial can be seen here.

by Steve Hall    Jan-15-08   Click to Comment   
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