Rubicon Project Eliminates Ad Network Selection Headaches For Publishers


Making life easier for publishers struggling to keep up with the explosion of ad networks - now numbering over 300 - and the determination of which network will yield the best results, is the Rubicon Project. Launched eight months ago by Frank Addante, the company, today, announced series B finding of $15 million bringing its total to $21 million.

We've seen a demo of Rubicon and its really fascinating. For a publisher trying to best monetize inventory, Rubicon, in a nutshell, does exactly that. A publisher joins with Rubicon, enters relevant information of their site and, poof, relevant ads are selected from the 300 or so ad networks in the system.

Over 3,000 publishers have signed up to date with publishers seeing between 33 and 300 percent lifts in ad revenue. Rubicon likes to call it "mad cash." Everything is done on the fly and there are endless reports informing the publisher of their campaigns' performance.

The site scales for sites of all sizes from your Dad's blog to sites the size of MSNBC.

With something as cool as this, exclusity doesn't last long. It appears another company, PubMatic, offers a similar service.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-08   Click to Comment   
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We at YieldBuild ( offer a similar service as well, and our publishers have also seen a significant increase in their ad revenue. One aspect of our service that differs from Rubicon and PubMatic is that we work with the publishers' existing ad network accounts. Payment still occurs through AdSense, YPN, etc. We just make the overall revenue of those payments increase.

Posted by: Jason Menayan on January 29, 2008 11:33 AM