Subway Files Lawsuit Because Some Soapbox Racers Threw Sandwiches At Each Other


According to The New York Times, Subway is inexplicably (as in pending lawsuit) pissed at Quiznos because of some "derogatory" user-generated videos that depict Subway unfavorably. Must see to believe (scroll down to view the big offender).

Some actual Quiznos ads, depicting people on the street choosing between the two brands, also made it into the lawsuit, but the big stars are the UGC entries from some contest Quiznos ran. Subway is also suing iFilm for running the contest.

This is one of those quiet LOL moments -- you know, where you go "LOL" to everyone on Facebook or AIM but don't actually do it.

But hey, this raises a somewhat important question: If Quiznos sponsored a UGC contest but didn't make the spots that are pissing off its competitor, is it then liable? We're way out of butt joke territory now! (Actually, not really.)

by Angela Natividad    Jan-29-08   Click to Comment   
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There are ads I saw on TV tonite that are more unsubstantially claimed about competitors than the Quiznos v. Subway thing.

And can't Subway just make they're own UGC? Are they afraid people will be confused that Jared isn't in it?

Something to ponder as you eat your Quiznos Sub.

Posted by: ars morendi on January 30, 2008 12:15 AM