Because a Clinton Doesn't Go Down without a Fight!


To win the youth vote Obama stole like a thief in the night, Hillary further strains our suspension of disbelief with "the playlist for YOUR future."

It's a UGC support site! (We like how when you mouse over the videos, the bottom right-hand corner says "Posted by Americans!")

Does Hillary speak for you?

by Angela Natividad    Feb-21-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Campaigns, Consumer Created, Online, Political   

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Phony, phony, phony.

Just like the candidate it purports to support.

Posted by: Stevie the K on February 22, 2008 10:27 AM

Hillary doesn't speak for me. But she does use comic sans.

Posted by: Edward on February 22, 2008 1:56 PM