CareerBuilder Teaches the Timid to Reach Out and Touch Themselves


We're officially crazy about CareerBuilder's "Start Building" campaign, which debuted on Super Bowl Sunday.

Wieden+Kennedy, with help from a52 and (Rock Paper Scissors), gives us "Help You, Help You" and "Self-Help Yourself."

We didn't really get what was going on in "Help You, Help You" until the end, which had the odd effect of keeping us glued to our seats until we could make sense of it. We'll preface it thus: watching a guy stroke his own face, before lovingly carrying himself out of his pathetic job, gave us that "foreign-finger-in-our-bellybutton!!!" feeling.

"Self-Help Yourself" features a despondent Asian guy who sees himself (sometimes in the awkwardest of drag) in everyone who advises him to leave his job. It is equally weird. But in a way we want to instant-replay.

Bringing black humor to a depressing (and depressingly common) situation goes a long way. CareerBuilder kicks Monster's apocalyptic ass this year.

by Angela Natividad    Feb- 6-08   Click to Comment   
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