Kaleidoscope Group Unlocks Secrets to Multi-Faceted Femme


Having fielded studies, interviewed researchers and read "over 50 books" (!!!!) about marketing to women, Hoffman York has launched Kaleidoscope Group, a girl goddess think tank.

The website greeted us with an actual kaleidoscope of women and some Lilith Fair music that stimulated the growth of our leg hair follicles.

The group coined what it calls the "Time Zero Effect," which posits that even one negative element in an ad to women will blow your brand out of her periphery. (0x0=0. Get it?)

Here's why Hoffman chose the symbol of a kaleidoscope. (Read it yourself under the link, "Why a kaleidoscope?")

Depending on the view, men can be examined with a telescope or a microscope. They remain static, as your view of their world gets closer. But women are different. One slight turn and the 23-year-old who has no children is a different picture than the 23-year-old with a son. If she has a daughter, one more turn. With each turn, the picture can change dramatically.

The Kaleidoscope Group was formed by a team led by Hoffman York CCO Tom Jordan. Jordan is currently working on his second book, Before you can advertise to a woman you have to walk a mile in her flip-flops...or 20 feet in her Jimmy Choo suede pumps.

Fancy. Now excuse us while we lather in a milk bath full of rose petals.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-27-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Opinion, Packaging   

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